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How to Know If Your Realtor Knows Their Stuff

couple-meeting-a-realtor An experienced realtor can save you time and money, whether you’re buying or selling. They need to be neighborhood experts and understand the current real estate market and how it affects both buyers and sellers. To make sure your realtor knows their stuff, be sure to vet them before selecting one. Ask about their experience, past sales, and contact references. Here are some signs that your realtor truly knows what they’re talking about. They Always Communicate The best agents respond to your...Continue Reading >

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

10-619_1920 Summer is the perfect time to tackle some home maintenance projects. The days are longer and the kids are out of school, so they can do a lot of the work. All homeowners should take care of their homes by performing ongoing maintenance and repair. This will keep it in good condition so you can get the best price possible when you decide to sell it. Here’s a list of a few projects to take care of during the summer. Tune Up...Continue Reading >

How to Make Sure Your Home Smells Fresh for Showings

me-and-my-best-friend Homes tend to have distinct smells. While homeowners are usually accustomed to that smell, others are not. Funky-smelling or heavily fragrant homes can be off-putting for first-time visitors. When you sell your home, lots of new people will be walking through your front door, so be sure it is smelling as fresh as possible. No one wants to consider that their home may be a little stinky, but it’s important to face the facts so that you can get rid of...Continue Reading >

Why You Should List Your House in the Spring

happy-family-in-front-of-their-new-house Spring kicks off one of the busiest times for home sales. The holidays are over and most buyers want to be settled into a new house by the next school year. No matter what the state of the market looks like, there is usually an increase in inventory during the spring, creating an exciting time for buyers. If you’re ready to sell your home, get ready to list it this spring. Prices Are Usually Higher In some industries, increased inventory lowers prices, but...Continue Reading >

How Sellers Can Enhance a Home’s Curb Appeal to Lure Buyers

luxury-mansion-house-front Everyone knows the importance of making a good first impression. Well, the same is true for your home. The front yard, front door, and drive way can make a major impression on buyers, so if you’re selling your home, make sure it has excellent curb appeal. Curb appeal is important in luring buyers who are driving around a particular neighborhood looking for a new home or those browsing for homes online. The National Association of Realtors estimates that 63% of homebuyers will stop by a home that they...Continue Reading >

5 Reasons You Should List Your Home in the Winter

11:29:16 The holidays are a crazy time for many, so putting your home on the market probably seems like one more thing to worry about. And, many people believe spring is the best time to sell a home. However, winter offers many advantages for sellers. Here are five reasons to put your home on the market now, and not wait until spring: There’s Less Competition There is limited competition in the market between Thanksgiving and January because many believe this is a slow time...Continue Reading >

When Is the Best Time to List Your Home?

11705392445_86c98890bc_b It’s a commonly held adage that the best time of the year to sell your home is in the spring, as parents with kids will be shopping then to move over the summer and not disrupt their children’s school year. It seems logical, and it’s a large part of why you see so many homes hit the market in March and April every year. But here’s the problem: everyone else thinks it’s a good idea. That means your home potentially has...Continue Reading >

The Secret Art to Staging Your Home

Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Carter If you do a quick Google search, you can (literally) find a million different sites with tips on how to stage your home to sell it quickly. Upon doing a little digging however, you find that each one offers contradictory advice. You’re supposed to either make your home look lived-in (like they could raise their family there) or a clean slate (so they can imagine themselves there). So what’s a home owner to do? There’s a simple answer: Curb Appeal We all know...Continue Reading >

“Shade Palmetto Bay”

Drew Kern Real Estate  "Shade Palmetto Bay" Free Tree Giveaway 2016 Help make our community beautiful! It is time for the 6th annual, "Shade Palmetto Bay" Free Tree Giveaway on April 23rd. Trees are given away to residents of the Village at Ludovici Park on a first-come. first-served basis. Residents are asked to provide proof of residency (Identification card). with a limit of one tree per resident. Saturday, April 23 8:00-11:00 AM Ludovici Park- 17641 Old Cutler Road (Special thanks to for information and picture) If you are...Continue Reading >

The Drew Kern Team is #1

graph 2013       2014       2015  On to 2016! For the third year in a row The Kern Team is #1 for home sales in Palmetto Bay, both in terms of the number of homes sold and dollar volume. I am honored by this recognition, and am thankful to my clients who have trusted my team to handle their home buying and selling needs. And as a resident of Palmetto Bay, you can see I truly take pride in my community. Whether you are buying...Continue Reading >