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Chinese Village in Coral Gables - 14

The Chinese Village of Coral Gables

Of the themed villages scattered throughout Coral Gables, the Chinese Village is truly an architectural departure from the surrounding Miami area. Envisioned by planner George Merrick and designed by architect Henry Killam Murphy, this colorful period-revival subdivision was constructed between 1926 and 1927. (For more on these themed villages, check out my previous posts on the Florida Pioneer Village, the Italian Village, and the French City Village) The Chinese enclave is located immediately south of U.S. 1 and includes 5125,... Continue Reading >

Getting Active in Miami

Great Ways to Get Active Around Miami

Miami is pulsing with energy – and heat – this time of year, and there are plenty of ways to get outdoors and into the action. In fact, if you’re thinking of moving to the area or relocating to a different neighborhood, it’s a great way to explore your options. Whether you’re a fan of water sports or more comfortable getting into gear on land, there is an activity for you in across Coral Gables, Palmetto Bay and Pinecrest. Stand-Up Paddleboarding... Continue Reading >


What a Strong Dollar Means for Miami Real Estate

If you’ve traveled anywhere in Europe or Latin America in the past few months, you’ve enjoyed the dollar’s strength against many foreign currencies—a departure from years past, when our bucks didn’t stretch far in cities like London, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro. The dollar still lags behind in regions like Great Britain, Japan and China, but virtually everywhere else in the world, U.S. currency is very strong. So what does that mean for foreign buyers, who account for a substantial part... Continue Reading >

French City Village Coral Gables

The French City Village of Coral Gables

If you find yourself charmed by the whimsical homes in Coral Gables, chances are the block of 18th-century-inspired houses along Hardee Road has much to do with capturing your attention. These properties make up the French City Village, one of six unique period-revival subdivisions in the Gables. (Check out these previous posts for more on planner George Merrick's villages and the Florida Pioneer Village and Italian Village) The French City Village is one of the most cohesive of the themed... Continue Reading >