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What You Need to Know About YGreene Loans

It’s a fact: home renovations can be pricey. But, if you plan to spend seven or more years in your home, it is certainly worth the investment to ensure you get the wind mitigation discount on your insurance. It also can be worth it to summerify your home to both keep your ac from working on overdrive and keep your electric bills way down. But what about those of us that are not sure how long we’ll be in our home?... Continue Reading >

What to do 6 Months Before You’re Ready to Sell

Selling a home is (obviously) not something you want do on the spur of the moment. It’s a big decision and ensuring your home will sell for its true value takes some planning ahead. We always encourage people thinking of selling their home in the next six to twelve months to have a realtor conduct a walk-through right away so that you can have a list of action items to cover and ensure your home puts its best for forward the... Continue Reading >

DK 1st blog

Why You Should Interview Multiple Realtors

With so much information available at our fingertips these days, it’s normal – and recommended – to do some research before making a relatively small purchase, such as a television or a phone. When it’s a bigger purchase (say…a home), it’s a no brainer to Google everything about a neighborhood, such as school quality, distance to grocery stores, driving times to your office, et cetera before you put in an offer. And, of course, you need to “interview” each house, asking... Continue Reading >

culture ridge

What You Need to Know About Living in Cutler Bay

If you’ve been around long enough, you probably call it Cutler Ridge or even just Perrine. And if you’ve been around for that long, you also probably remember that what is now Cutler Bay was one of the places that Hurricane Andrew hit the hardest. Because of this, Cutler Bay’s homes are some of the newest in Miami-Dade County. This means that they’re built to the latest codes and are best prepared to handle anything South Florida weather can throw at... Continue Reading >