3 Simple Ways to Stage Your Small Kitchen for the Sale

For many people, the kitchen is undeniably the heart of the home. It’s the place where everyone gathers when hosting guests, and it is the source of nourishment to keep the crew running on a daily basis. It’s also one of the most scrutinized of all places when potential buyers are evaluating a home. If it’s too small, too outdated, or simply too cumbersome, a buyer may walk away without giving even a second thought to the rest of the house.


So what are some of the best ways to overcome kitchen flaws without having to spend thousands of dollars on a full-scale remodel? Check out these three simple tips to help you maximize your kitchen space and stage it for the sale.


Streamline and declutter– It’s impossible to even see a kitchen if the countertops are full and the pantry is overflowing. Pare down to the essentials, and then pare down some more.


Scrub, polish, and paint– Your kitchen should sparkle. That means every inch of it – from the floors and baseboards up to the cobwebby corners of the ceiling. Consider fresh paint, touch up any scratches or chips, and wipe down every surface in it. Your kitchen should look – and smell – fresh, so if you’re planning on making that bacon and garlic pasta the night before a showing, maybe opt for dinner out instead.


Let in the light– Whether it’s natural light or improved lighting and fixtures, a bright kitchen makes the space feel bigger, fresh, and new. Make sure the windows are clean and the sun is allowed to shine in without obstruction or heavy drapery. If necessary, add new lighting to darker spaces and consider updating existing light fixtures to something more modern.


When staging a kitchen, it’s important for the space to feel bright, clean, and practical. Adding finishing touches, like a bouquet of flowers, fresh fruit, or a welcome accessory can be subtle difference-makers, too. As you prepare your home for a sale, get in touch with us at Drew Kern Real Estate. We have decades of experience in the South Florida market and look forward to helping you make your next move.