4 Things to Look for When House Hunting That You May Not Think About

House-hunting can be a stressful, albeit-exciting venture. If you’ve started the process of looking for a home – congrats! You probably have a lot of factors on your mind about what makes a home ideal, such as the neighborhood, size of the home, natural lighting, and floor plan.

A lot of times we have a general idea about what we’re looking for in a home, but more often than not, the less-exciting factors get brushed aside, even if they can make a big impact once you’re all moved in. 

Not to worry – we’ve compiled four crucial things you should consider before moving forward in your home-buying process.

  • Outlets

This may be the most overlooked factor while home-buying. Having outlets in the right places can really make a big impact on your home-living experience. Consider the placements of outlets in each room before you designate one to be a bedroom, office, or living room. If you use a lot of tech, it’s also a good idea to keep in mind the number and placements of outlets in each room.

Most rooms have specific numbers of outlets for a space, but it’s also not uncommon to find a house that doesn’t have outlets on some main walls in the house. If you’re a chef or baker, check out the outlets in the kitchen. Don’t forget to count how many are in the bathrooms, too. 

Not having enough or having too many outlets is by no means a deal breaker for the house you really want. But keep it in mind as you’ll have to hire an electrician to get things the way you want or need. 

  • Room Size

It may seem obvious, but don’t underestimate the importance of room size. It is especially important to consider if you’re bringing in existing furniture. Make sure you’ll have enough space for desks, beds, couches, and other big pieces of furniture before you move forward with your home purchase.

We’ve been there where a client had to sell a beloved (and pricey) bookshelf as it didn’t fit in any of the rooms of their new house. 

Our advice: take note of each room of the house when doing a walk-through of a house and think about how you will use each room and what furniture will go where. It will make a big difference down the road. 

  • Storage

It’s better to make sure you’ve got ample space now then to end up with a cluttered home. How many closets are in the home? Is there room in the garage for any storage items or boxes? How big is the pantry or cabinetry space in the kitchen? Don’t overlook the importance of having the right storage spaces for your needs.

  • Water Heater

While it’s not particularly exciting to think about when buying a new home, you’ll want to examine how the systems of the home are currently operating, including the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and more. One key item that many overlook? The water heater. It goes without saying that having a fully operational water heater that is the right size for the house can make the difference in on that first day moving in – trust us.

If you are ready to start your homebuying process and need some advice, we are here to guide you and assist you throughout the process. Give our team a call today!