5 Home-Improvement Projects That Boost a Home’s Value

12:27:16Most homeowners consider a home makeover or improvement project at some point. The question is: will the project actually pay off?

Often, the cost of a renovation can outweigh any added value to your home. But, there are plenty of improvement projects that are worth the money and will bring big returns when you decide to sell your home.

Here are five major home-improvement projects that will increase your home’s value:

Kitchen Re-Do

The kitchen is often a home’s gathering place, so it’s commonly a top concern for buyers. Most agree that kitchens are the smartest place to invest, especially if your kitchen is completely outdated.

While small improvements, like new tile and fresh appliances, can help, true value lies in overhauling the kitchen’s layout and workspaces. Kitchens often seem bigger with fewer obstacles, like over-the-counter cabinets.

Hurricane Protection

Because South Florida is hurricane prone, homeowners’ insurance premiums can be expensive, and the prices go up every year. Buyers are also concerned about a home’s safety features for withstanding hurricanes, such as impact glass. Adding or enhancing hurricane protection features can makes your home more attractive to buyers, especially those who are cost-conscious and those who are looking for additional safety features.

Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling bathrooms another important way to add to your home’s price tag. Even small improvements, like a new paint job, modern fixtures, and re-grouted tiles, can go a long way.

If you have old, rusty, pipes, consider updating the entire plumbing system. This may be a complex project, but any improvements to your home’s internal workings will likely add value.

Brighten Spaces

In general, when homes appear brighter, they are more highly coveted and buyers flock to them. There are many ways to make homes appear brighter — repainting, replacing window, or updating lighting. A bigger project is to remove any dark wood paneling or outdated wallpaper.

Front-Yard Makeover

The front yard (and front exterior) are what make a home stand out on a block. Replacing overgrown shrubs and messy flowerbeds with colorful and neatly placed landscaping will have a big impact. When choosing flowers and plants, always look for what’s native to your area. Adding a walkway, small water feature, or a new front door will boost any home’s curb appeal.

If you have any questions about a planned renovation and how it might affect your home’s future sale, I am happy to help. Call us at 305-329-7744. Any home-improvement project is a major undertaking, so be sure you’re investing your time and money in ones that offer benefits down the road.