7 Things to Do Before Showing Your Home

When you’re in the market for selling your home, it can be a taxing and draining experience even in a seller’s market.

However, the stress of constantly showing your abode can reap you the benefits of finally moving on to the next chapter and get you an offer on the table.

After all, that is the end goal, isn’t it? 

If you have anxiety about how to make your home ready for potential buyers, here are seven things you can do to ensure success.

Tuck Away Personal Items

While we understand that it is your home and most likely full of personal items, do your best to remove photos of yourself and your family. This simple act can help prospective families walking through your home envision themselves living there and not the people they see in the photos. 

Keep Things Squeaky Clean

As a consistent flow of potential buyers come through your home, this is the season to keep your place as clean as possible. While you might think that boxing up items is the key, it isn’t. Nothing can replace a thorough cleaning (from floors to walls). Be sure to vacuum and wipe down all surfaces before each showing. And a little dusting never hurt.  

Showcase the Selling Points

What are the most attractive features of your home? Write down a list and think of ways that you can showcase them to a potential buyer. For example, if you are most proud of your red oak hardwood floors, don’t hide them under a mountain of rugs. Or, if you are in love with your enormous window in the family room, let the light come in and remove drapes that could potentially draw attention away from the beauty of it.

Empty the Trash Cans

Nothing says “turn off” quite like a trash can full of garbage at a showing. The potential buyers will more than likely remember the full trash over the nice mantle or spacious kitchen. So, make sure to empty out all trash the morning before.

Smells Go A Long Way

Making the right impression often starts with a lovely scent. When people enter your home, the smell is always the first thing they will encounter. While you don’t want the scent to be overwhelming, a subtle fragrance can do wonders. Tip: open the windows first to air out the house of any lingering smells and then introduce a fresh, natural fragrance.

Keep Clutter to a Minimum

What does a new buyer want to see? The architecture of your home. While the design choices may inspire you, loads of art on the wall or bulky storage features can make the space look cluttered and hide the house’s natural beauty. Get rid of anything that could be distracting to your visitors.

Think Like a Buyer

If you were a potential buyer, what would you look for? Do a walk through as if you were viewing the house for the first time and see what you notice. Address any awkwardly placed furniture or cluttered spaces.

If you have any questions about buying or selling a home, get in touch with us at Drew Kern Real Estate.