Beat the Heat: Miami’s Best Pools

Source: Miami And Beaches

Source: Miami And Beaches

To say it’s hot in the summer in Miami is an understatement. But enjoying perfect weather for nine out of twelve months a year is well worth enduring even the sweltering days of June, July, and August. Plus, it’s easy to beat the heat at these three beautiful and refreshing Miami pools.


The Biltmore

The 23,000-square-foot pool at the landmark Coral Gables hotel is the stuff of aquatic dreams. Treat yourself to a stay or reserve a private cabana to enjoy a full day of lounging by the legendary oasis, where Hollywood’s original Tarzan, Johnny Weissmuller, was once a lifeguard and full-fledged water shows drew thousands of spectators every Sunday.


The Venetian

This fantastic public facility in Coral Gables provides a much-needed way to cool off for local families (it admits children ages 3 and up). Built in 1923 from a coral rock quarry, the spring-fed freshwater pool is filled and drained daily, which means the water is always cool and clean. Enjoy the palm trees, waterfall, kids’ pool, sandy shores, and deep caves of the grotto. Tickets are sold until the pool reaches its max capacity, so plan ahead and arrive early to ensure a space.


The Standard

See what all the buzz is about at this hip Miami hotel. For $75 during the week or $125 on the weekend, you can purchase a day pass that gives you access to the gleaming infinity pool and spa amenities, along with a chair and towel. Partake of the cocktails and delicious food in between dips in the water, where you’ll hear music playing through the underwater sound system.


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