Buying in the Pandemic

Life during the pandemic has taken on a rhythm of its own. We’ve adapted to new-found social isolation, are finding ways to effectively work remotely, and many of us are navigating the additional challenge of keeping our kids safely at home and learning.

We’ve all adapted to this quickly. We’ve had no other choice. Amid all the stress and anxiety and pressure, we’ve found a way to carry on and resume, as best we can, whatever sense of normalcy we can muster. And fortunately for buyers looking to continue on with their home search during this unusual time, there are numerous ways to do so.

What to Expect When Buying in a Pandemic

While the situation with the coronavirus is changing by the day, the real estate market has maintained some stability and experts are continuing to remain cautiously optimistic. Here are some things you can expect when buying during this period of global crisis:

– There are fewer buyers on the market, which means less competition from other shoppers.

– Sellers who remain on the market are serious about selling, which may mean unique opportunities for negotiation.

– Both buyers and sellers are understanding about the unusual circumstances surrounding transactions during the coronavirus crisis. If extensions need to be made, there is a general sense of cooperation among those involved.

– Mortgage lenders are swamped. Prepare for possible delays.

Social distancing also means the vast majority of shopping is done from home, and while there is no substitute for actually seeing a home in person, you can get a good sense for

what the property is like by looking at photos and watching virtual tours or live streams.

Shopping online, however, also means relying even more heavily on your realtor to help provide you perspective on the market. Finding a trusted realtor – one who has extensive experience navigating the ups and downs of the local market – is imperative when buying during a period of crisis.

At Drew Kern Real Estate, we have that experience and are ready to help you successfully find your dream home – no matter the circumstances swirling around us. Contact us today to schedule a virtual consultation.