Exploring Iconic Miami Architecture

Miami is a city not just known for beaches, we also have some of the most iconic architecture in the Southeastern United States. We also have some of the most iconic architecture in the southeastern US. A story of diverse communities, innovation, and design is told through the buildings and the commitment to preserve them. Let’s go on a little tour of some of our unique architecture. 

Freedom Tower

Miami’s Freedom Tower is a National Historic Landmark that stands prominently in Downtown Miami, right on Biscayne Bay. It is a symbol of freedom and democracy, and a testament to the our connection to the Cuban diaspora. This Mediterranean Revival-style building started out as the printing facility and HQ for the Miami News when it was built in 1925. In the 1960’s, the tower served as a facility to process and provide services to those seeking refuge from the revolution in Cuba. Since then it has passed through multiple owners before being donated Miami Dade College. It is currently home to the MDC Museum of Art + Design.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

At one time known as Villa Vizcaya, this piece of Italian Renaissance architecture was built to be the winter home of industrialist and conservationist James Deering. The original property encompassed over 180 acres that included shoreline mangroves and dense inland forest that includes large swaths of what we know today as Coconut Grove. Construction of the villa was ongoing for nearly a decade, from 1914 to 1923 in large part because building supplies as well as workers were hard to come by at that time as WWI raged in Europe. Vizcaya is a combination of styles and materials that are completely unique. The garden elements and layouts are imported from both France and Italy and are constructed in Cuban limestone with distinctive Floridian coral architectural trim. Sub-tropic and native plants were incorporated that thrive here in South Florida. It is open to the public today, for the price of a ticket, and easily accessible on Miami Metrorail.

The Biltmore Hotel

Built in the 1920’s, The Biltmore biltmorehotel.com is a Mediterranean-style hotel that is drenched in the glamour of the past with modern luxuries. You’ll find this elegant Miami gem tucked away in the Gables. While a historic landmark, it is still in operation as a luxury hotel so you can visit to experience the classic architecture, or book a night and spend your day by the iconic swimming pool. You’ll be in good company as The Biltmore has played host to countless celebrities along with Presidents and even royalty.

There are countless other buildings in Miami that deserve to be written up as architectural gems. Together, they tell the story of this beautiful city’s evolution and spirit. Take some time to go for a stroll through time and explore all Miami has to offer. At The Kern Team we are subject matter experts in Miami real estate. Have a question about Miami’s real estate? Give us a call.