New Year, New Home: Relocating to Where You Want to Be in 2021

At the start of any New Year, there are always moments for pause and reflection, but if there were ever a year when many of us took step back to consider our needs and priorities, it was 2020.

As we say good riddance to one of the most tumultuous years in recent history, you too may be reevaluating where you really want to be in 2021 and beyond. The global pandemic has forced us all to redefine what “home” means, and for some, where you are is not where you want to be.

If you’ve decided that your current property is no longer meeting your needs, let us help you make the best move for what’s next in your life.

What to Consider When Relocating

  • Your personal happiness factor – Moving is never an easy undertaking, but it is so worth it to settle in a place that makes you happy and fits your needs. Whether you are relocating to South Florida from out-of-state or moving from one neighborhood to the next, trust your gut and don’t be afraid to put your passions first when selecting your next home.
  • Opportunities for work (and play) – Where you will work will undoubtedly have an impact on where you choose to live (for some, that may very well be from their homes). Also important, however, is to consider your interests and hobbies. Do you want to be close to the water, parks, or nature trails? Or is being within walking distance to restaurants and other attractions important? Your hobbies impact your overall quality of life, so it makes sense to have your home accessible to them.
  • Your friends and family – Moving to a brand new area may mean having to forge new relationships, which can be an excellent opportunity especially for extroverts. Others may find themselves feeling lonely if they are not relatively close to even an acquaintance. Talk to your network and learn about what they like and dislike about where they live and consider if being nearer to them is something you’d like to pursue.
  • Financial considerations – Relocating comes at a cost, so take the time to crunch the numbers well ahead of any move so you aren’t caught off guard with surprises.

As you embark on your house-hunting adventure, let us know how we can help! At Drew Kern Real Estate, we have more than 20 years of experience in the South Florida market.