Schools in Pinecrest: Gulliver Academy

Photo Courtesy of Gulliver Schools

Photo Courtesy of Gulliver Schools

It’s not news that when prospective homebuyers search for a new neighborhood to call home, their priorities vary widely depending on their stage of life. But one aspect that affects every decision is the local schools, which is why the Gulliver Academy has been so invaluable to the Pinecrest community.

Part of the Gulliver Schools network, an integrated and comprehensive college preparatory program for grades PreK3 through 12, the Academy is one of the most renowned private schools in all of South Florida. Two of their campuses are located in Pinecrest: the first is the Preparatory School, for grades 9 through 12, and the second is called the Montgomery Drive Campus, and teaches grades 5 through 8.

The Gulliver mission focuses on superior academics and fostering well-rounded, lifelong learners in a nurturing environment. While the idea of a private school could seem like an intense experience for a child, the Montgomery Drive Campus in particular is known for providing great support and individualized teaching to help young learners succeed.

Important Numbers

Here are some key figures for the Gulliver Academy.

  • 650: Total enrollment at the Preparatory School
  • 16: The average class size at Gulliver Academy
  • 7: The number of students per teacher at the Montgomery Drive Campus
  • 450: Faculty and staff members employed across the four campuses
  • 96: The International Baccalaureate Diploma pass rate for the Gulliver Preparatory School
  • $13,430 to $29,690: The range of tuition rates for the 2014–2015 school year


Gulliver has a reputation for cultivating a diverse student population, representing more than 50 countries, which reflects the international South Florida community at large. The Preparatory School offers courses in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and while the Montgomery Campus offers Italian, Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese.

And while its signature academic programs, including engineering, architecture, biomedical sciences, law, international business and entrepreneurship, and technology, certainly are a priority for those who want the most advanced intellectual experience available, it’s not all about hitting the books at Gulliver. More than 50 campus organizations and 35 sports teams offer plenty of activities to keep kids busy and socializing—the athletic teams are highly competitive and have won numerous state championships and regional sports awards.

As you might imagine, the admissions process is not simple. Students must complete an application, attend an interview, and, depending on their age, take the SSAT. The school is known for graduating students on to prestigious colleges, including Harvard, Yale, Duke, UPenn, Northwestern, and University of Miami. Regardless of whether they have children enrolled, Pinecrest residents regard Gulliver as a positive presence in the local community.