The Art of Choosing the Right Miami Realtor

When it’s time to jump into the real estate market – as a buyer or seller – you need an experienced Realtor to be your guide. Finding someone who understands the nuances of the Miami market makes a big impact on your overall experience and result. Miami’s real estate market is massive, complex, and always moving, which is why longevity in the Miami area is one of the most important qualities to look for. We’re here with some tips for questions to ask and what green flags to look for.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions 

Through the years we’ve noticed that sometimes people shy away from asking interview-style questions when they’re choosing a professional to work with. We want to be clear that we welcome your questions, as any good professional would. Start by confirming qualifications and credentials – confirm how many homes they’ve sold (and how many they’ve helped buyers find) in the last year and what neighborhoods they’ve worked in. 

Asking potential realtors about their overall experience as well as local market experience is a must. Miami is a diverse city filled with unique neighborhoods. Knowing the ins and outs of different areas is an asset to you as a buyer or seller. You should also talk about their track record and strategies. 

Experience and Longevity

Choose a real estate team with both experience and longevity. This might sound redundant, so let us explain. Experience isn’t just about years in the business, though that is one positive of it. It’s also about what an agent has experienced and learned from like fluctuations in the market that help us hone our negotiation skills. 

Having experience in the industry doesn’t necessarily build a solid network of valuable connections, that’s related to longevity in your area. This is what allows us to refer you to other professionals – like lenders – who we have worked with over time and trust with our clients. The Kern Team has spent time building our relationships with clients and fellow professionals over decades. We are also committed to offering you our best service and to helping you successfully achieve your real estate goals.

The Magic of Interviewing 3 Realtors

No matter the size of home you are buying or selling, make sure to interview at least 3 realtors. It will enable you to better get a feel for what you’re looking for and ensure your goals and your Realtor’s are aligned. 

Do you have questions about something we didn’t mention here? We’re happy to answer those as well. Reach out to us, let’s talk about your needs and make sure you have all the information you need about us to make us your choice.