Ways to Make Sure Your Home is Ready to Show at Its Best

Listing your home for sale is a big step, especially if you’re a first-time seller. Working with experienced Realtors like The Kern Team means having help through the whole process. When it comes time to get your home ready to show at its best, you’ll be the one taking the lead. 

Take a Step Back 

Start at the curb in front of your home and do a walk through trying to see your home through the eyes of a prospective buyer. Curb appeal matters and you should consider it a part of getting your home ready for regular showings and open houses. It probably goes without saying that the yard should be neatly cut and edged. Make sure all landscaping has been recently refreshed. Adding some colorful flowering plants either in beds or in pots is a great way to make the front of your home welcoming. 

Touch up paint on your front door if needed. It’s also important to make sure your house numbers are easy to see so make sure the numbers on the house are visible as well. Keep in mind that people like to see neighborhoods at night, so leave your porch light on while your home is listed. Adding some accent lighting to showcase your landscaping is a great idea as well.

Make a Great First Impression

The picture people are most likely to have in their minds of your home after a showing is their first impression walking through the front door. It’s important to make that first look as much of a positive impression as possible. Some art on the walls is good, but you want to keep it simple even if your personal style leans toward maximalism. Remove excess accessories and décor items to leave people room to picture their own style in your home. Also focus on scents – our sense of smell is strongly correlated to our memory, so making sure that’s a positive scent as they walk in will have them in a better mood as they walk through your home and ensure they have a better memory of your home after they leave. 

You want the interior of your home to be enough of a blank slate that people can imagine themselves and their things in your space. This means keeping your home very tidy any time it is available to show. The goal is to strike a balance that is not too empty or sterile but is simple enough to appeal to anyone. What you don’t want is them walking around adding up the cost of everything they want to do in a renovation (that is, unless you’re marketing your home as a fixer upper. In that case, the first impression you’re going for is different). 

If you’re ready to sell, or to start the process of looking for your next home The Kern Team is here to help. Reach out to us.