Why Working With a Realtor Can Save You Money

Many people think they can save money if they bypass a realtor. Perhaps they dislike the idea of paying commission fees or think they can navigate the transaction process themselves. But in this DIY era with How-To’s for pretty much everything on YouTube, working with an experienced real estate agent can still save you money, even when accounting for any kind of transaction commission fees. Here’s why:


Time is money

Finding the right home or preparing your current home for a sale is time-consuming, to say the least. While you can scour the internet for listings yourself, scheduling viewings, playing phone-tag, and driving around disparate neighborhoods in disorganized fashion can be exhausting. Whereas it’s an agent’s full-time job to source homes for you, make appointments, and leverage his or her network to help make the stars align just for you.


Negotiation is an art and science

In tense negotiations, it can be valuable to have a neutral party who can expertly share your concerns with the other side rather than creating ill-will between a buyer and seller. Your real estate agent can take the heat for any hurt feelings while also aggressively negotiating in your favor. Their years of experience has taught them the best ways to push the envelope up or down depending on if you are selling or buying a home.


Market intelligence matters

Pricing your home or determining your offer can be some of the trickiest pieces of the real estate pie. That’s where a real estate agent’s market intelligence and sheer years of experience in a given market adds real value. Their insight into which homes are selling and why can be used to your advantage not only when choosing which home to buy, but also when sitting down at the negotiating table.


Throughout the home buying or selling process, it’s also important to remember that your agent is on your side. He or she is working as your partner to find you the right home for the right budget, and while doing so should be able to save you significant time and money. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in South Florida, call us today at 305-329-7744. We’re ready to help you get started.