Buying Your Home in Miami From Out of State

Miami has a lot to offer buyers from across the country as well as international buyers. It could be the beach calling you here, or the vibrant culture, active lifestyle, and engaged communities. Whatever the reason you’ve chosen to buy a home in Miami, The Kern Team is here to make the long distance buying process as simple as it can be. From effective virtual tours to making the most of your short in-person visits, we’ve got you covered.

Virtual Tours: Embracing Technology

It’s really amazing all the ways we utilize technology every day. Virtual home tours have created a way for remote homebuyers to have a first viewing of a home they are interested in from anywhere. There are a couple of different kinds of virtual tours. Some sellers include a 360 video tour in their online listings. They are great way for buyers to preview homes quickly and narrow down options. 

The Kern Team will work closely with you when it comes time for a personalized tour. This will be a more detailed view than you can get with the recorded tours. It’s important that we know about the details that mean the most to you so that we’re able to make sure you get to see the things that truly make or break a house for you. We are also able to give you a view of the immediate neighborhood which you won’t see on the pre-recorded videos.

In-Person Trips: Productive Even With Limited Time

When you are able to make a trip we can help you prioritize your home shopping list so that you can spend your time as effectively as possible. We’ll coordinate showings of your shortlisted homes to give you enough time to walk through each home with little down time in between. 

We will also plan time between properties to give you an overview of each neighborhood. Different areas in Miami have very different vibes and aesthetics. Finding the neighborhood that fits your life is as important as finding the right house. 

Who to Put On Your Team

A real estate agent who has extensive experience in Miami with a good understanding of all the ins and outs of our market is essential. At The Kern Team Miami is our home and we have over 35 years of collective experience in real estate here. Whether you choose to work with us or another agent, finding a local expert is extremely important for remote buyers. Your agency should be excellent with communication and easy to reach. Working with buyers from all over the world has given us an edge in knowing how to be sure we are on the same page, even for the little details.

There are some other local professionals you will need during this process. Schedule meetings with local lenders, inspectors, and contractors to establish a network to take you all the way through closing day. We have some trusted pros we recommend who will help keep the process moving seamlessly.

Buying your Miami home remotely doesn’t need to be a daunting task. With the right team of professionals around you it can be smooth sailing all the way. When you’re ready to start your life in Miami, we’re ready to help you find the right place to live. Give us a call.