Finding Your Ideal Miami Neighborhood: Little Gables

A neighborhood we get asked about commonly is Little Gables. For those that don’t know, Little Gables is surrounded by Coral Gables on three sides, and the city of Miami to the north. It exists as a quirk of a fight in the 1920s between John Stadler – who owned most of the land that is now Little Gables but then was a fruit orchard – and George Merrick, the founder of the Gables. Stadler didn’t want to sell the land to Merrick and so the area never got incorporated into the city of Coral Gables and is still unincorporated Miami-Dade County. 

Many homeowners are attracted to Little Gables because it has a lot of the perks of the Gables – close access to Downtown Gables, pretty tree-lined streets, central location to all of Miami-Dade County – with prices that tend to be slightly lower than the Gables.

You may have heard about efforts to incorporate Little Gables into Coral Gables. That’s been a discussion a few times over the years, but as of now Little Gables remains unincorporated Miami-Dade County. It’s a unique neighborhood filled with rich history, charm and community spirit making homes here sought after.

Plenty of Green Spaces 

A hundred years ago Little Gables started out as a grove of orange trees. True to its roots, you will still see fruit and palm trees in yards as well as in the community park and common green spaces that pepper the neighborhood. One hundred shade trees, planted twenty years ago as part of a community grant project, line many of the streets making this a wonderful area for going on relaxing walks.

Little Gables is dog friendly and family friendly with calm streets, high walkability, and homes with spacious yards. There are multiple schools near Little Gables that are in demand, including charters and private schools. 

Perks of City Life with Suburban Feel

Living in a central location within Miami-Dade County is often envisioned as a tropical Times Square, but the reality is neighborhoods like Little Gables are the exact opposite – quiet streets with neighbors that know each other and easy access to all the perks of living in one of the country’s biggest metro areas. Finding the right neighborhood to fit your needs is as important as finding a home with the features your family wants and needs. The Kern Team has over 26 years of experience here in Miami. We live and work here; we pride ourselves on keeping our fingers on the pulse of the city and it’s neighborhoods so we can help you find the right place for you. Give us a call, let’s find your home.