How to Prepare for Hurricane Season Amid the Pandemic

Living in South Florida, we’re no strangers to hurricane preparation. Every season we brace for potentially life-threatening storms, and we take our preparation seriously because we know first-hand the kind of damage powerful hurricanes can inflict.

While many homeowners generally approach the annual hurricane season in much the same way each year, the COVID-19 pandemic has made many families rethink what it means to prepare for an emergency.

What the Pandemic Means for Hurricane Season Preparation

Before storms make landfall on Miami, typical hurricane preparation includes taking care of things like:

  • Packing a hurricane go-bag
  • Stocking up on emergency supplies
  • Documenting your property and reviewing insurance policies
  • Knowing your evacuation route or where to go for safe shelter during and after the storm
  • Preparing your home and property to mitigate storm damage

The pandemic, however, has made some of these tasks even more challenging. During these past several months, many store shelves have frequently been emptied by homeowners stockpiling for quarantine. The urgency to stay safe and the difficulty with which it can be to find many basic necessities during times of crisis makes preparation for short- and long-term needs even more pressing.

While we don’t know for certain when the pandemic will end, we do know that hurricane season will be here in a matter of weeks. Use this time now to prepare you home for the storms and by taking smart precautions to ensure that your family and your home will have what you need if yet another emergency strikes.