The Italian Village of Coral Gables

01222014_italian_village_0005for webLast month I gave an overview of one of the six unique themed villages scattered throughout Coral Gables, the Florida Pioneer Village (want a bit more history about Gables’ creator George Merrick’s plan for these residential subdivisions? Check this out). Another of the international pockets still in existence today is the Italian Village, bordered by San Antonio Avenue, San Esteban, Segovia Street, and Monserrate Street.

Architects Alfred L. Klingbeil, John and Coulton Skinner, R. F. Ware, and Robert Law Weed designed the 17 homes of this village from 1925-1927 in the style of Italian farmhouses. (Check out the lovely villas along Palmarito and Monserrate streets.)

Driving through this village, you might find that the homes aren’t all that distinct from the overarching style of Coral Gables. That’s because the Gables itself was inspired by Mediterranean Revival architecture, which shares many elements with traditional Italian home design from the 17th century. The properties feature classic delicate archways, walled courtyards, exterior staircases, and well-manicured gardens dotted with sculpture fountains. They add a beautiful European, romantic ambience to the neighborhood—imagine taking your morning jog through the Italian countryside?

Though these properties are understandably rarely on the market, I would be happy to contact you the moment it comes on the market to make sure it isn’t the one that gets away.