Miami Condo Market – Shopping for Investments and Residences

Condo living has been a part of Miami for decades. Like you would expect in paradise, the Miami real estate market consists of a mixture of full-time residents, part time residents, and investment buyers. Condos are an attractive option for all types of buyers as they offer unique proximity to the water as well as built-in management to a certain degree. Whatever your goals as a buyer, The Kern Team is here to help you achieve them. 

High-Rise Oceanfront Living

The iconic architecture of Miami’s skyline is in large part thanks to our wealth of condos. Miami’s condo market is synonymous with oceanfront living (though there are many other options when it comes to condos than just the high rises on the water). From South Beach to Sunny Isles, residents wake up to the sound of waves and panoramic views. If you want to live as close to the beach as possible in Miami, a condo is the best choice for any property under $5 million or so. 

There are many luxury condo properties that offer a lifestyle that extends beyond the walls by providing access to exclusive amenities such as private beaches, pools, spas, and fitness centers. These typically include higher monthly dues to ensure the property always feels like a luxury resort.

Investing in Miami

From an investment standpoint, real estate in Miami has a solid track record. While we can’t predict the future, our market has been on a steady upward trajectory since 2009, attracting investors from around the globe. As an investment option, condos are attractive for their rental income, their lower maintenance requirements when compared to single family homes, as well as potential for appreciation. This is especially true for condos in popular areas such as Brickell, Edgewater, and the Beach.

Investors can capitalize on exclusive pricing for pre-construction condos if you buy in early. You can also get the opportunity to customize their units, adding a layer of personalization to the investment. As with everything in real estate, location should be paramount to an investors choice of condo properties. Waterfront properties are perennial favorites as they offer a phenomenal view along with the lifestyle that comes with living oceanside. Proximity to cultural hubs, dining, and entertainment options enhances the overall appeal of a condo, making it an important consideration for potential buyers.

Working with experienced real estate professionals is crucial when navigating the resale market as a buyer, whether you’re looking for your own residence or an investment property. We’re able to ensure the smoothest possible transaction, not to mention access to the best opportunities. Whatever type of property you’re interested in, The Kern Team is here to help you find it. Give us a call.