Selling Your Home in a High Conflict Divorce

Divorce is messy. When there are assets that need to be divided up it gets messier. And when those assets are relatively illiquid and have sentimental value that is likely higher for one party than the other, the propensity for contentious arguments rises considerably. 

The most important thing when you’re involved in a high-conflict divorce and dividing up assets that include real estate is to work with one agent who is experienced in selling homes during a divorce.

Don’t Hurt Yourself to Hurt Your Soon-to-be Ex

It’s happened before — one party is willing to take a loss as long as it hurts their soon-to-be ex more than it does them. The truth is there’s no value in reducing the sale price of a property. The goal should be for everyone to get as much out of the home’s sale as possible. 

When you’re choosing a Realtor don’t think of it as choosing someone to represent you both. Think of it as choosing the best person to represent the property to prospective buyers. We will meet with each of you separately, along with your attorneys if you wish. This allows us to assess each party’s priorities for the sale so that we can create a plan to get you both the most out of your shared property.

We’ll Be Your Buffer Zone

Once a divorce becomes high conflict it’s best for the parties to communicate with each other indirectly. When it comes to selling your home working with an experienced agent makes this very easy. We will communicate with each of you separately in a clear and concise manner to be sure that you both have the same information without having to deal with each other directly. 

Nothing can be done or agreed to without the consent, and signatures, of both parties. We also understand that some extra time may be needed for your legal representation to look over any paperwork. We’ve worked for clients in this situation before, and we will again. The goal is to keep this part of the divorce process as simple as possible so you and your team can focus on the rest. 

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