South Florida Market is Heating Up!


Return of the bidding war for South Florida Homes” and “Miami Herald Goes House Hunting”. These are two articles that have been printed by the Miami Herald in the past two weeks about the market in South Florida. A few things that are similar about these articles: Both mention how the market in South Florida is bouncing back (and rather quickly), and interestingly enough, they both quote members of EWM as experts in the business. No surprise they went to EWM associates for their expertise.

“Return of the bidding war for South Florida Homes”, written by Martha Brannigan, discusses the inventory of active listings in South Florida is low, and that if properties are priced right, they sell quickly.  “Say hello again to multiple sales contracts, bids coming in above asking prices, and sellers calling the shots with demands for cash only, quick closings and commitments to buy regardless of whether an appraisal confirms the selling price.” Martha Brannigan states, and she is definitely right; we have seen it with our listings and with our buyers. Please click here to view the full article.

If you aren’t happy with your real estate results, if it’s not the market, it might be your method. Call us for a complimentary analysis of your home.

Drew Kern

EWM Realtors

Chairman of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce