Spotted at the Cocoplum Circle

Wondering what those hot pinks snails are?

blog pic 1

These snails are slowly but surely making their way through Miami. Displayed first at Art Basel, they’ve made their way from trendy South Beach to the heart of Coral Gables. Resting in places like the Cartagena Plaza, Merrick Park, Biltmore Way, and other locations for us all to see. 

Here with a Message

These 8 foot tall snails are not just bold with their color, but with the messageblog pic 2 they bring. Currently resting in “City Beautiful”, these over- sized creatures are here to remind us to not just keep our city beautiful, but also our planet. (They’ve come all the way from Europe courtesy of the Cracking Art Group.) Completely made of recycled plastic materials, they are here to promote sustainable living. 

They’ve caused quite the stir, some people loving them and others not. Bringing a kind and positive message, I say we enjoy and embrace their stay.

Rumor has it we can expect to spot mini versions of these snails at local Miracle Mile businesses. Keep an eye out for a snail near you.