Staging for the Sale: Do This, Not That

Successfully staging your home is one of the best ways to sell your home quickly and for the best price. It’s often surprising to home owners how a little cleaning and design work can totally transform the appeal of your home to prospective buyers. When done successfully, you invite buyers in and encourage them to see themselves living in the home.


The best ways to stage your home


  • Clear the clutter – Too much clutter makes a space look small and uninviting. It can also be a big distraction. Your goal with staging is to highlight the best features of your home, but if a buyer is distracted by looking at rows of dishes and mugs, they won’t notice the stunning subway tile behind them.


  • Keep things neutral and depersonalized– You want potential buyers to picture themselves in your home, which can be hard to do with your personal “wall of fame.” Replace your photos with neutral art or accessories but keep a few family images to make sure your home is warm and inviting. If you are planning on a fresh coat of paint, make sure to keep the colors neutral, which can also improve how bright a room feels.


  • Increase lighting– As mentioned, bright rooms and natural light are big draws for home buyers. Make sure you have adequate lighting throughout the home and open the blinds and turn on lights prior to a showing.


  • Revisit your furniture arrangement– There are two important things to do with your furniture. The first is to eliminate unnecessary furniture, and the second is to focus on your arrangement. Create conversational spaces by pointing the furniture towards each other rather than at the TV and try spacing furniture away from the walls to make the room feel bigger.


  • Evaluate your exterior– First impressions matter. Make sure your curb appeal speaks volumes and invites buyers in. Tidy your lawn, add some fresh landscaping or flowers, power wash dirty areas, and repair chipped paint. Your home’s exterior should be clean, fresh, and welcoming.


  • Add finishing touches– Set the table, add a fresh bouquet of flowers in the kitchen, bathroom, or on the table, style with fresh linens, or fill a bowl with fresh fruit on the counter. These small extras are easy to do, help a home show better, and are more appealing to potential buyers.


Staging your home to sell is an important part of the home selling process, and with a little effort, it can be done very well. Our team at Drew Kern Real Estate is ready to help you sell your home. Give us a call at 305-329-7744 to schedule a consultation.