Step by Step Guide to Selling Your Miami Home

Selling a home in Miami is a marathon, not a sprint. At the Kern Team, our job is to make sure our clients get at or above market value for their home and to minimize the complications that can come along the way. And while this process is customized per client, this is the basic step-by-step framework we start with when anyone is going down the path of selling their home. 

Setting the Stage for Success: 6 to 8 Months Before Listing Your Home

When you are listing your home, the most important decision you will make is choosing your Realtor. We always encourage homeowners to interview a couple realtors to find the one that feels right – but be wary if one of the three says they can sell your home for significantly more than the other two Realtors you interview. In fact, we would encourage you to ask them why they think their estimate is so much higher. 

What Repairs Should You Make to Your Home Before Listing

When we are being interviewed by a homeowner, we always ask to do a walk-through to evaluate your property. We want to give honest feedback on what repairs should be done (and why buyers will notice) before listing and which will not boost the sale price. Doing this months in advance of listing gives you the chance to handle any repairs without added stress. 

Looking at Your Home’s Aesthetics: 3 to 4 Months Before Listing

Once any necessary repairs are taken care of, we like to circle back with our clients and look at the home’s curb appeal. If your landscaping is pristine that’s great, but it’s a good idea to do any significant tree trimming or hedge trimming 3 to 4 months before you list, so it has time to grow back naturally (and you can do a list minute little trim before pictures and listing). 

Measuring Curb Appeal 1 Month Before Listing and Getting Your Interior Ready

A month out from listing is when we recommend pressure washing your home and driveway, planting blooming flowers in your flower beds, and putting down new mulch where appropriate. 

On the inside, this is when we recommend tidying up. Sometimes this involves removing some clutter to make it more of a neutral palette and others it involves a deeper clean to remove pet smells – it really is a case-by-case basis.  If your home will be unoccupied having it professionally staged may be beneficial. 

When your home is completely ready for your first showing is when we schedule the professional photographer to take our photos. 

What to Expect from Listing to Closing

A market analysis is a tool we use as your agent to determine what your listing and sale price should be. Current market trends should be taken into account including current economic conditions, time of year, and amount of homes for sale in your area. We use all this along with comparable sales to get a listing range before settling on the final asking price for your home.

Marketing your listing well is the best way to attract the right buyer. The listing will include a compelling description of your home and all those beautiful photos. It should also talk about the area’s highlights such as schools, parks, and amenities. 

Be ready for showings to begin as soon as your listing is live. New properties on the market get lots of attention, and it’s important to be ready to take advantage of it. Depending on the speed of the market you may start to see offers come in quickly after listing. 

While evaluating offers, remember to take all terms and conditions into consideration along with the offered price. Sometimes the highest bid will struggle obtaining financing and the slightly lower bid has a clearer path to closing. Our team will walk you through the options to reach a mutually beneficial agreement for you and the buyer.

Once a contract is accepted, there is the inspection period where inspectors and appraisers will need to be coordinated. If any issues arise as a result they will need to be addressed, though this is usually avoided when you start working with a great real estate team months before listing. 

Closings used to always be an in-person event that buyers and sellers attended either at the same time or close to it. These days getting final paperwork signed and notarized is less of a production. Once it’s done, we always suggest taking the time to celebrate! 

Selling a home involves careful planning, strategic marketing, and effective negotiation. Our step-by-step guide gives you an idea of what to expect when selling a home in Miami. Working with The Kern Team is a great way to navigate the whole process with confidence and achieve a successful sale in the vibrant Miami real estate market. Reach out to us with questions or to get an analysis of your neighborhood.