The Best Ways to Market Your Miami Home For Sale

Whether you’re a first-time seller or an experienced homeowner, listing your home for sale in Miami is a big decision. There are many factors at play that are out of your control – such as interest rates and market conditions –  so it’s important to take full advantage of the aspects you can impact. In short: the best way to market your Miami home is by presenting your home’s best qualities to the right audience. We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to market your home to find the best buyer.

Work with Professional Realtors

This starts with a team of experienced Realtors – like The Kern Team. A good realtor (or team of realtors) will start with a walkthrough of your home to see how it will show on a listing, then give specific advice on how it should appear before getting high quality photography and videography done. This is extremely important as most potential buyers will get their first impression of your home online. You may also decide hiring a staging company to create the right combination of a blank slate and comfortable home to allow buyers to envision themselves living in the space. 

Write Your Home’s Story

The most compelling listing descriptions combine facts with personal, conversational language. Your agent can take a list of amenities and write a serviceable description, but what we can’t do is infuse that with the real-life reasons those amenities should matter. The ideal description is captivating enough to make your potential buyers feel like they’re being invited to see the home of their dreams. It should give them accurate information along with the warmth that makes a house a home (another reason working with an experienced Realtor is so important – we can do this with our eyes closed). 

Make sure that the story presents itself well to your target market – even if you have young kids, if the home presents well to empty nesters lean into it. 

Make the Internet Work for You

The scope and reach of the internet can’t be overstated. Online listings for your home are a must in today’s market. If you’re working with us, we will go over with you how we approach this specifically, and how much online exposure you can expect your home to get. That said, you have some control over this as well. Social media is a powerful tool. We use it, but we encourage you to leverage your own social media profiles to market your own home as well. Posting your home’s listing regularly, and asking your friends and family to share it, expands the audience exponentially. 

Include a Virtual Tour

We mentioned videography, and this is why. Having a virtual walk through of your home markets it to buyers from out of town, as well as those who simply don’t have time to see every property in person. It’s also much easier for most people to understand your home’s layout on an online listing if they can watch a tour.

When you work with The Kern Team we are here for you through every step of listing, marketing, and selling your home. We still want you to be involved in the process and understand the ways you can be actively involved. Have questions for us? Ask away, we’re here to help.