June 26, 2018

State of the Market: Pinecrest

With large lots on quiet streets and good schools, it’s no surprise why so many families want to move to Pinecrest. It’s also no surprise that Pinecrest was ranked as the #1 (out of 324) best suburbs in Florida by Niche. Over the past two decades, we’ve helped hundreds of families buy and sell homes in Pinecrest and have seen why so many people love it first hand – and why the village has boomed. Pinecrest’s Market Today The average house in Pinecrest listed on the market today is 3,500 square feet with four bedrooms and three bathrooms on a 30,000 square foot lot with an asking price of $1.4 million. This being said, there are over 200 homes in […]
June 19, 2018

How Home Improvement Projects Can Affect Your Property Value

Many, but not all, home improvement projects will increase the value of your home. The big question is if they will improve your property value by more than the cost of the project. Deciding which renovations actually help your property value instead of just draining your account is a numbers game. How much will you spend renovating to make sure your house meets a future buyer’s expectations and what will you get in return? Which improvements add value, and which ones don’t matter as much? In the end, you should do renovations for yourself and see any increase in property value as an added bonus. That being said, I often get asked which home improvement projects boost your property value […]
May 1, 2018

Preparing Your Home for Sale: What to Skip and Where to Spend

Once you make the decision to sell your home, the real work begins. Your realtor has to find the right marketing strategy for your home so that the buyers that are looking for exactly what you have can find it. For some properties, it’s easy. If a homeowner has been in their property in the Gables or Pinecrest for 40+ years without any renovations, their property will immediately be on the radar for any buyer looking at locations only and planning to build their own custom home. For everyone else that is selling something that is move-in ready (or close to it), it’s a different story. You don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars sprucing the place up, […]
April 17, 2018

House Hunting by Schools: 4 Facts to Keep in Mind

Choosing the right school district for your children is a huge decision, and it should be a major factor in deciding where to buy a house. House hunting by school districts isn’t just a good way to ensure that your kids get a great education, it can also preserve your home’s value and, when the time comes, help you to sell your home faster. South Florida has many amazing schools, and plenty of nearby homes your family will love. While school districts should be at the top of your list when searching for your dream home, there are also certain things to keep in mind when buying a house in a top-notch district. Keep these four things in mind while […]
April 10, 2018

From Contract to Closing: What You Need to Know to Get Across the Finish Line

For first-time homebuyers, buying a home may seem like a never-ending to-do list. From selecting neighborhoods, calculating drive times to schools, work places, and even restaurants – it seems that the fun idea of finding your first house is looking less like fun and more like hard work. That’s where we come in. My team and I are here to not only help you find the perfect home, but also to get you across the finish line and into your new home. For us, helping you get your first set of keys is more than showing you houses. It’s guiding you through the entire process and serving as your go-to whenever you have questions or hit a roadblock in your […]
April 3, 2018

10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal

If you’re a fan of HGTV, you’ve probably seen the massive impact a well-landscaped yard can have on a home’s overall aesthetic. A simple paint job, a new door, and some well-placed sconces can be the best invitation your home has ever given. If you’re looking to sell your home – it’s worth considering taking steps towards increasing the home’s curb appeal. And if you are concerned about putting more money into your home just to sell it, don’t be. Home improvements don’t always have to be exhausting, time-consuming, or drain your bank account. There are plenty of inexpensive, small improvements you can do to enhance the home’s curb appeal and increase the likelihood of a sale. When deciding which […]
March 27, 2018

Hurricane Season: 7 Tips to Get Your Home Prepared

There’s a reason they refer to Miami as Paradise. But, paradise is not without its stormy weather. Life as a homeowner in South Florida comes with a few must-do items in order to be adequately prepared for hurricane season. You bought your house, you’ve made it your own. It’s the foundation of your entire family’s life. So, protecting your home from natural disasters should be at the top of your to-do list. And we’ve got good news: performing routine maintenance to get your home ready for hurricane season doesn’t have to be costly. Here are seven cost-effective tips to help ensure your home is prepared for hurricane season this year: Install surge protectors During major storms, power surges are common […]
March 20, 2018

State of the Market: Palmetto Bay

There is nothing better than living right next to the ocean, which is why Miami is such a great place to live. But from the Beach to Homestead, there are a wide spectrum of options to choose from. Figuring out the perfect neighborhood for you takes looking at the market and seeing what is best for your family. For mine, Palmetto Bay was the best choice. Why Palmetto Bay? Just a quick drive down picturesque Old Cutler Road or the turnpike, Palmetto Bay is far enough away from downtown to allow for lush, over-sized lots but not too far away to make the drive unbearable. It’s great for families with school-aged children because of the great schools (both public and […]
March 13, 2018

How the New Tax Law Will Affect Miami’s Real Estate Market

Miami’s real estate market could turn into the Wild West thanks to the new tax law. The massive, complicated tax reform bill was signed into law on December 22, but nobody really knows yet what it will mean for the real estate market in Miami. There are parts of the bill that are clear, while other parts make less sense. This means that it wouldn’t be surprising for the law to undergo changes and corrections over the next few months and years. But, what can we expect the new tax law to impact so far? These impacts are pretty straightforward: A lower limit for the mortgage interest deduction The new tax law will affect the mortgage interest deduction that most […]