February 26, 2010

Under contract in just 4 days!

Wow….that was fast! I just listed a home for sale in Palmetto Bay last week and the following day I had three showings lined up. That same night I received an offer from one of the interested buyers and we had an executed contract the following day.   When a home goes under contract that quickly it’s the result of pent up demand in the area and fantastic pricing. We are all looking forward to a smooth closing. If you are interested in selling your home I would be happy to speak with you regarding the listing process and the current real estate market in your neighborhood. Contact me today.
February 3, 2010

Fresh Fruit + Fresh Air = South Florida Farmer’s Markets

  Coral Gables Farmer’s Market Anniversary Coral Gables Farmers Market is celebrating its 20th year. Located on the steps of City Hall and Merrick Park, this outdoor green market offers a little something for everyone. There are a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, prepared foods, baked goods, and decorative flowers and plants. Farmer’s Market Hours This weekly Farmer’s market is open each Saturday, from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m., and runs from Jan. 16 and continues through Mar. 27. There is something for everyone including: gardening workshops, cooking demonstrations, and even children’s activities. All the workshops and activities are free to the public. For more information visit Coral Gables Tribune.
February 3, 2010

Housing Market Trends for Miami-Dade County

Almost everyone is curious about what is going on in the real estate market in Miami. That goes for residents and out-of-towners alike. And with the consistently changing market it’s important to stay on top of the housing market trends. The best way to do this is to look back over the past year and compare the numbers of today with those of 1 year ago: In December 2008 there were 14,988 single family homes for sale in Miami-Dade County. In December 2009 there were 8,271. That’s a 44.8% decrease in the amount of homes for sale. Looking at activity levels, for the end of 2008 there was an average of 625 sales per month compared to 807/month in 2009. […]
February 3, 2010

Interested in interest rates?

It’s a major incentive for buyers right now. Business Week published an article in December titled “If you don’t buy a house now, you’re stupid or broke.” The article basically noted the historically low interest rates we are now experiencing.  Rates are currently around 5%, the lowest they’ve been in 40 years.  Here’s a look back so that you can see where we’ve been… Average of 9% in the 1970s 10% in the 80s and early 90s 7-8% for much of the 90s 6% only over the last couple of years You have to understand the impact the rate has on purchasing a home. Every quarter point change is equivalent to approximately $6,000 for every $10,000 borrowed over the course of a […]